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Filter pump Puratech trolley 20 complete with wheels Inox
The filter with stainless Puratech pump 20 is constituted by a  structure entirely 
in stainless steel and an electric pump Tellarini selfpriming and reversible with stainless steel fittings  
for food use
 . The system is bivalent, in fact, the electric pump can be used independently  
as a traditional pump for  selfpriming and reversible transfer of liquids of any kind. 
Perfect to filter wine, oil, beer, water, milk, vinegar, and food liquids. 
Pump and filter assembled on a  carriage which is also totally in stainless steel,
very useful to  facilitate the displacement  without efforts and to keep everything in order 
thanks to the practical  accessories compartment . Stainless steel also the container tray. 
The Puratech filter pump is designed to use only the original filter boxes. 
The use of non-original filter cartons can potentially affect the performance of the filter. 
Puratech 20 Inox 20 is arranged for filtering cartons 20x20 cm. 

The only self-priming pump for transferring liquid food, in real stainless steel, designed for a fast and easy disassembly and cleaning of the pump body in a dishwasher. 

Pump side channel self-priming designed for  the extraction and transfer  of liquid foodstuffs  such as wine, must, fruit juices, olive oil, milk and beer. The pumping body  is entirely made of real  stainless steel.  It only takes 6 minutes to disassemble and  can be washed in a normal dishwasher. This pump is  free from the risk of blockage  resulting from the transfer of  hot liquids  and will not be damaged if it fails temporarily the suction liquid. The pump has the ability  to reverse the flow of liquid. 

- Pump body and impeller in stainless steel AISI 304  
- Shaft in stainless steel AISI 316 
- Shaft sealing lip NBR  

- Without hard particles (eg. Sand) 
- Max temperature 90 ° 
- max Density 1.1 g / cm3 
- max 40 cP viscosity 
- Do not use corrosive chemicals 


Pump modelTellarini ALE 25
Power0.6 HP
Giri/min.1400 rpm
Diameter hose connections20 mm
Liquid temperature max90th
Density max1.1 g/cm3
Viscosity max40 cP
Power220 V
Flow Q (unfiltered)1 meters5 meters10 meters20 meters
43 l/min23 l/min0 l/min0 l/min
Leq A (dB)65
Weight33 kg
Overall dimensionsmm 700 x 350 x 600 h
Suppliedn. 1 - Stainless steel filter 
n. 1 - Stainless steel pump for food 
n. 1 - stainless steel trolley 
n. 1 - Tray stainless steel container  
n. 1 - plate with hose 
n. 19 - Intermediate plates 
n. 1 - Final Plate 
n. 1 - Tube ca. 40 cm (electric pump> filter) 
n. 1 - electric Instructions 
n. 1 - Miniguide filtering wine

Data sheet

Peso33 kg
Alimentazione220 V
Potenza0,6 HP
Giri al minuto1.400
Attacchi filettati1"
Attacchi portagomma20 mm
Temperatura max. liquido+ 90° C